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Nokia Lumia 2520 Is The Most Popular Tablet

Nokia Lumia 2520 Is Becoming Very Popular

Tablets have gained a lot of popularity these days. Be it little kids or busy business magnets, everyone has a tablet. It is of no wonder that the market is flooded with tablets but not all of them can help you in your work. Most of them are suitable for playing games. for listening to music and watching videos. Nokia Lumia 2520 is a new tablet introduced in the market. Is it another inclusion to the several tablets in the market or does it work for work? Know the answers.

There are a few features that promise to be of great help to your work. What are they?

What is the size of the screen?

The size of the screen is not a big issue if you want to use it for playing or just logging into your Twitter or Facebook account. You need a larger screen if you really want to work on it. The size of the screen of Nokia Lumia 2520 is 10.1 inches which makes it a right choice as an useful tool for work.

Are the storage capacity and battery life favorable for work?

The Nokia Lumia 2520 Has An Expandable Memory Of 64 GB

The Nokia Lumia 2520 Has An Expandable Memory Drive

It has an expandable memory of 64 GB. This helps in storing all your documents without worrying about space availability. There is no need to delete documents to avoid cramping of space. The battery charges quickly. It charges 80% in just an hour. Moreover, the battery has an incredible extra life of 5 hours. You can work wherever you want even if there is no access to plug sockets for charging the battery.

Can it be carried with ease?

Mobility is an important feature if you want the tablet to work for your work. This tablet has high resolution both outdoors and indoors. Its full HD display increases its outdoor reliability. It is sturdily built. These features make it truly mobile. It is truly beneficial if you want to work while traveling. Although it is sturdy it is sleek. Its sleekness increases its mobility.

What are the other features that make it work for work?

Nokia Lumia 2520

Nokia Lumia 2520 Its The Tablet That Gets The Job Done

It has a full desktop version of Microsoft Word. The familiar settings and the keyboard and the Windows Operating system helps you to complete your work quickly and easily. Do you prefer typing to touching? If so, this tablet from Nokia can be a good choice because you can use the keyboard to type.

Are there any minuses?

It is thick and heavy. It is too huge to carry everywhere you go. The camera is a bit slow.

If you are not bothered about the abnormal huge size and the slow camera, Nokia Lumia 2520 can be the perfect work companion you have been searching for.

You Don't Need To Share Every Detail Of Your Intimate Relationship

You Don’t Need To Share Every Detail Of Your Intimate Relationship

As friends we like to share everything with each other and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, friends are the ones who listen to us and are fair at their observation and advices. That’s what friends are there for. But, deep within, there are certain aspects of our lives that should be kept within ourselves as they are too personal. It depends from person to person and their intensity of friendship, but few things should be best kept secret, even from friends.

That your partner is cheating you

Cheating Partner? Fix It Within The Couple

Cheating Partner? Fix It Within

If someone has cheated you and you have dumped them for good, then it’s perfectly fine to share this with your friends since you have moved on. But, if you feel you are being cheated, it’s recommended that you keep this a secret. As you love your partner, you might get along again with him/her, but your friends will never be able to have the same respect for them. And you would never want this to happen.

Too much about your Partner’s Life

Your partner might have had a terrible past life. May be he/she had problems at home; they had weird experiences with their ex, etc. Unknowingly, you may want to get sympathy for your partner by sharing such secrets with your friends. However, you should avoid such things. You might not realize, but someday these things may come to your partner and will put your relationship in danger.

Suspicions and Beliefs

If you suddenly notice that your partner is interacting closely with someone, you may obviously get possessive of it. You may also feel that he/she is cheating on you. But you are not sure of it. Under such situations, you might like to discuss this with your friends to have a clear understanding or get few advices. But be sure, that if your suspicions about your partner are wrong, you would end up in trouble along with ruining your image.

Details of your Little Fights

Friends are always a help. It’s fine to tell them that you had a fight with your special one. But as a couple, you would have your own sets of Love and Fight moments. You can’t always inform every detail to your friends just to make them realize how true or fair you are. Although, you may take experts suggestions in case of any doubts from few selected friends, but that should not be a regular practice at all.

Bedroom Stories

Don't Kiss And Tell: Bedroom Stories  Are  Not To  Be Shared

Don’t Kiss And Tell: Bedroom Stories Are Not To Be Shared

Now, this is something very personal to you and your partner. No matter how close a friend is, you can’t just talk about the details of it. It’s embarrassing as well as disrespectful of your partner. Imagine how you would feel if your partner does the same. You should respect the relationship and feelings that you and your partner share with each other.

Finally, if you want to save your relationship of unwanted confusions and problems, never ever judge them in front of your friends. He/she might be good or bad, but after all they mean a lot to you and vice-versa. Very likely, even your friends cannot be more important than them. If you are a little more cautious, you would surely have a better and unaffected relationship.

Sunglasses For Both... Men And Women

Sunglasses For Both… Men And Women

Sunglasses can make life look better, from polarized lenses to prescription sunglasses. Currently, lens Crafters are working tirelessly to ensure that you see the world in perfect clarity. With today’s fantastic choices and state of the art materials, wearing sun glasses is cool again

What are the advantages of Prescription sunglasses?

1. A Wide variety

Boy Wearing Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses Are For Kids Too

Prescription sunglasses are available in virtually all types of lens prescription, including but not limited to bifocal and progressive options in case you are presbyopic and hence need lenses to help read while under water. Besides, these types of sunglasses is the best choice if you only need reading glasses, or if you wear lenses to correct distance vision and still need an additional boost for reading.

2. They come in many frame styles

Prescription sunglasses, just like non-prescription sun glasses, incorporate all the fashion, design and celebrity eyewear options. However, wraparound sunglasses with extreme curves are not available because prescription sunglasses containing such curves distort vision. Wraparound prescription sunglasses with less extreme curves are however available in limited prescription range. Feel free to discuss available options with your optician.

3. Prescription sunglasses are actually affordable

If you buy prescription sunglasses at the same time you buy regular sunglasses, you will be given special discount. This way you will get prescription sunglasses at a much cheaper price. Also list the entire feature you need in prescription sunglasses and then compare the price of the brands that have exactly what you need. Discuss about the same with the optician shop operator, and you will possibly get a bargain.

Types of Sunglasses Lenses

  • Single vision lenses which are designed for a single viewing distance only, which could distant, intermediate or near.
  • Progressive lenses, which have three main zones for intermediate, distance and reading hence users enjoy the ease of not having to take off and on their glasses.
  • Bifocal lenses which are sectioned into separate parts, distance and near, with no correction or transition in between.
  • Plastic lenses are standard lenses that can be given an ant-reflective coating to enhance protection from sun’s scotching rays.
  • Hi-index lenses-ideal for strong prescription but do not have thick glasses, contains an anti-reflective coating and a very high percentage of UV light protection.
  • Technically advanced but optional extras
  • Polished edges-make lenses appear thinner, clearer and less viable.
  • Tints are currently available in a variety of colors to suit your personal style or even enhance sight for certain activities, and can be fully tinted, graduated or with a mirror coating.
  • Mirror lenses reflect light, decrease visible glare and are stylish too.


Looking Great In Those Sunglasses

Looking Great In Those Sunglasses

Unlike in the past when most sunglass lenses were made exclusively of glass, today’s Prescription Sunglasses lenses are made of high tech plastic, and are much lighter, thinner and more durable. They also provide the wearer with better viewing due to the top quality technique used in their crafting.

Spend Your Retirement As A Happy Couple

Spend Your Retirement As A Happy Couple

It’s not easy to save for retirement. It’s already an accomplishment to save enough money for retirement. But what’s harder is ensuring that you won’t outlive your savings. You can’t really tell how long you’ll live, so it’s best to have enough for the remaining years of your life no matter how long it may be. Here are ways you can outlive your retirement savings.

Outlive your savings with Social Security

It’s your first line of defense as these payments continue for the remainder of your life. It also adjusts for inflation every year. Social Security means you’ll have money each month, but you’ll have to cut your standard of living if you solely rely on it. One thing you can do is increase the amount you’ll receive. This can be done by ensuring you’ve made payments for at least 35 years or by claiming spousal payments or delaying your claim until you are 70 years old.

Outlive your savings with your pension

Don't Spend It All At Once

Don’t Spend It All At Once

Some workers are fortunate to get a pension through their jobs. This is another guaranteed source of income upon retirement. However, there are some workers that are offered lump-sum amounts. If you get a lump sum, make sure to manage it properly. Resist the temptation to spend it all at once or on one major vacation. This is a mistake that many retirees make, and it’s certainly one thing you don’t want to do.

Outlive your savings through annuities

You can hand over a part of your savings to an insurance company and in return you will get monthly payments during your remaining years. The fees and costs can be high and the money put on annuities can’t be passed on to your heirs, but it’s still a good choice since you can predict the monthly income you’ll get. As long as the company is in business, you don’t have to worry about living past the age of 100 or if the stock market goes down.

Outlive your savings by withdrawing money systematically

Financial advisers suggest that retirees withdraw only 3 or 4 percent of their retirement savings each year. This technique covers the risks that your investments will not be successful or if you live much longer than what you expected or if you simply end up spending more than what you should. Also, the money is available in case of emergencies and if you die earlier than expected, the money can be given to your heirs.

Outlive your savings by paying off your house

Pay Your Home's Mortagage And Be Debt Free

Pay Your Home’s Mortagage And Be Debt Free

Paying off your mortgage takes a huge burden off your shoulders. Doing so allows you to use your savings on other expenses. Moreover, your home’s equity can be used in case of emergencies through a reverse mortgage or a second mortgage.

Retirement ought to be an enjoyable phase in your life. It’s the moment to just sit back, relax, and enjoy your remaining years. The only way you can do that is to have enough funds, so be sure to outlive your retirement savings and you’ll surely have a great retirement.

Which One Is Better For Your Business? Facebook Or Google Plus

Facebook Or Google Plus, What Is Right For Your Business?

The war between Facebook and Google is getting bigger and bigger by the day and both the giants are fighting to get the number one spot in the social media world. If you are running a business, it may be difficult for you to choose between the two for your brand promotions and marketing. Here are few points that may help you in making the decision.

Benefits of Facebook

Facebook Has Some Advantages Over Google Plus

Facebook Has Some Advantages Over Google Plus

First advantage of Facebook v/s Google Plus is the reach. Even though users are rising on Google Plus everyday, it is pale in comparison with the social media giant Facebook. The success and impact of any information depends on its reach and Facebook has it. It has more than a billion active people on it everyday and that makes it the number one reason why people still stick to Facebook and they do no switch to the new and budding social media platforms like Google Plus. Secondly, Facebook has the advantage that it has more intimate data unlike Google Plus as of now but that may change over next few years. Better data helps businesses in better brand management. Thirdly, Facebook allows business houses to connect with their customers on a more personal and intimate level where as Google Plus is more specific to the purpose of advertising and thus may lack the personal touch.

Benefits of Google Plus

What Are The Google Plus Advantages Over Facebook?

What Are The Google Plus Advantages Over Facebook?

Google Plus may lack in numbers as of now but according to the experts, the gap is shrinking. Google Plus is backed by the giants like Google, Gmail and YouTube, which gives Google Plus a mighty boost. Facebook is a stand-alone website but Google Plus allows the user to stay logged in while they are checking emails, searching on Google or watching a video. Interestingly, all of this is recorded by Google and thus in a few years, Google Plus may have a better data management system than Facebook. Moreover, Google in itself is the biggest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool and Google has linked their search engine to Google Plus. This means that when you post an ad through Google Plus as it gains popularity on Google Plus it will also move up its ranking in the SEO.

Similarities between Facebook and Google Plus

Google Plus and Facebook have many similarities too between each other. Both of these platforms offer free marketing tools for its users like Facebook offers Facebook fan page and Google Plus offers Google Plus business page. Both of these are fantastic platforms to promote your business activity. Moreover, both of these platforms also offer paid advertising services to its users.

Experts would say that while Google Plus is better if you wish to generate specific leads and create intent oriented results, Facebook is better in enabling a more personalized relationship between the business owner and its target audience. Hence, Facebook may be better for creating brand awareness. However, most experts would also say that it would be a better idea to be always present in both the platforms as both of them serve different purposes.